Monteiro Hasse

From the beginning
To where we are now

Monteiro Hasse is a fictional character. An artist. he paints and creates. he is a fusion of creativity and experience made by life. experience his art and get to know who he is. interpret yourself.

Born in Zurich in 1987. raised in Cape Town and moved to Germany in the late 90s. after a very diverse schooling career, he started his first bachelor (interior design) in London, followed by further studies in product design at the university of Folkwang in essen, Germany.

Finishing his degree, his aim was to see the world first before working. the trip around the world took such an influence that he chased his ultimate dream to become a full time artist. his head and heart were filled with emotions, colors, sights and sounds in need to be expressed.

Currently mmh is located in Munich working on portraits and animal life. initially working with acrylic mmh changed to oils for the love of sensitivity and genuine expression.

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