Dresden<br>Weisseritz Gärten<br>2017

The Weisseritz Gardens come along with a special design. As the first apartment property for rent in Dresden, “Kunst am Bau” made its way here, the artist Julia Bornefeld realized her ideas by working on three staircases. The reconstruction of the Frauenkirche inspired her to create the mosaic walls, and as so often she incorporates […]

Leipzig<br>Schumann’s Gärten<br>2017

Herbstfall The visual artist Julia Bornefeld has designed the passage from the front building to the inner courtyard and the staircases in the style of the “Herbstlied”, Op. 43, No. 2 by Robert A. Schumann. This “Passage” is based on Romanticism and the emergence of mirror labyrinths in the 19th century, in which the large-format, […]

Dresden<br>Residenz am Postplatz<br>2017

In the former Dresden Post Office, directly next to the historic Old Town, not far from the Zwinger and the Frauenkirche the residence at the Postplatz has been constructed. In the old building, the remaining facades of the former Oberpostdirektion were cleaned, partly stone-cut and partly interpreted in a modern way. Entrances, stairwells, corridors and […]


The listed former bromide silver factory owes its name to the smoking chimneys that were still active during the GDR era. The famous Borsigwerke were founded here in 1837 with a foundry and a mechanical engineering institute. The design concept of the Berlin artist Marcel Buehler takes up the history of the Feuerlandhöfe and reinterprets […]

Berlin<br>Stadtquartier Otto-Suhr-Allee Neubau<br>2017

In 2016, I have been commissioned by CG Gruppe AG with another project on art construction in Berlin Otto-Suhr-Allee. I already had the pleasure of implementing an art project in the first phase of the construction. For this phase, I chose the famous artist Stefan Szczesny. It was immediately decided for me to go back to the […]


In 2015, I was awarded with the contract for integrating a new form of art in a construction project in the LKG building of the CG Group AG. For this project, I decided to collaborate with artist Michael Fischer, located in Leipzig. Already, in the past, the artist has been connected to this location. He painted a wall […]

Hamburg<br>Stadtquartier Treppenhaus<br>2017

A new project in Hamburg wanted a wall design on 4/6 meters. For this scheme I collaborated with the design artist Julia Bornefeld and for this narrow passage, she chose to use a mosaic pattern, creating of a beautiful and interesting image of a rising structure. www.juliabornefeld.com

Leipzig<br>LKG Carré<br>2015

A different colour scheme was selected for each apartment. Warm tones such as brown, beige and grey provided the basis. Modern furniture and many home accessories contribute to a pleasant living atmosphere. The task was to design the walls of an atrium in a large residential building in Leipzig. For this project we used the […]

Berlin<br>Carré Raimar<br>2015

Design created in collaboration with the design artist Julia Bornefeld We used Italian mosaic, supplied by Trend Company. We mixed their colours and patterns on the walls to give the flowing feeling, as an extension of the shape created by this unique lamp that is suspended in the centre of the staircase. www.juliabornefeldplus.com

Leipzig<br>DRESDNER STR.<br>2014

Design created in collaboration with the design artist Julia Bornefeld. The book leitmotif used in the historical printing house designed with Italian mosaic, supplied by Trend Company, embellished two stairwells of a new building. Exclusive lamp design in the historical building. www.juliabornefeldplus.com