In this modern furnished apartment the colours black and white dominate. The selected furniture should convey a certain lightness. The new and well-equipped home in StadtHausSüd is representative; it has a private outdoor area and it is located in the multi-faceted, trendy south suburb of Leipzig. The furnished 2-room model apartment is a place that […]


The colours blue, turquoise, grey, white and silver reflect the theme water & air. Cosiness is created by beautiful materials like velvet, silk and wool carpets. The new development was erected on the banks of the Müggelsee in Berlin Köpenick. With this model apartment, Miracleoom wants to reproduce the colours that represent the elements of water […]

Potsdam<br>Mendelsohn Allee<br>2017

In this apartment, we have focused on contrasts. Light and dark colours alternate. A perfect new building with great infrastructure is waiting for its new tenants. The suitable clients are singles, couples and families. The staged furnished apartment, give a better idea on how the place should look like and helps them taking a better decision in […]

Potsdam<br>Reinhold Schneider Straße<br>2017

Here you will find furniture mainly in grey and beige tones, which radiate cosiness and tranquillity. Perfectly coordinated decorative objects complete the concept. A beautiful new residential development, with apartments of different sizes: different models, for different lifestyles.

Frankfurt<br>Westend-Ensemble / Grand Ouest<br>2017

The Westend Apartment is furnished in a simple and classic style. The beautiful original parquet flooring and the lattice windows convey warmth and comfort. A classified monument building in Frankfurt is converted into residential development, by the Oberpostdirektion. This project could accommodate apartments for singles, couples or families. The model apartment, used here, represents a ready-to-move apartment.

Berlin<br>Ehrlichstrasse 74<br>2017

Modern and comfortable furnishing was chosen here, this has been achieved in this apartment with beautiful classic pieces of furniture for this apartment A light-hearted ambience with a lot of charisma. This 3 room model apartment is located in a 1960’ building in the Karlshorst district, often referred to as “Dahlem of the East” and […]

Dusseldorf<br>Le Flair<br>2017

Modern country house style was chosen for this apartment. The beautiful seating furniture is inviting, both in the living room and the dining area. Predominantly dark tones continue to contribute to the cosiness. At this point, a liveable new district is created, where the high buildings very well intertwine with the green areas. Nevertheless, the urban […]


Here the interior impresses with its classic straight lines and simplicity. Matching home accessories such as vases and lamps round off the whole concept. This model apartment is located in Dresden-Friedrichstadt. CG Gruppe AG, realizes a combination of modern city flair and green oases of well-being in Cottaer Straße “Weißeritzgärten”. Alongside the Cottaer Straße, the […]

Berlin<br>Bismarckstrasse 80<br>2017

Here a modern, contemporary cosiness should be created. All furniture has something special and conveys a certain uniqueness. In the choice of colours, we have deliberately avoided bright tones, so that the beautiful rooms are emphasised. The model apartment is located in a beautiful old building complex in Bismarckstraße, Charlottenburg. This is a unique location […]


For this apartment we have chosen the colour scheme grey/yellow, which is very well suited to the beautiful wooden floors and the white walls, thus creating a homely atmosphere. The CG Gruppe AG has developed a new modern residential complex in the immediate vicinity of the former residence of Robert Schumann, the composer, at the […]