Quartier am Veltmanplatz

This apartment in the university city of Aachen should appeal especially to young people and students. That’s why we decided on a colourful design that is light and airy.
The furnishing was kept relatively simple and clear, nevertheless a beautiful living atmosphere has Benn achieved.

This new model apartment is located in a modern residential complex, taking the place of a former institute. There were 100 apartments built here and the targeted clients are students, university staff and young scientists.
The apartments are equipped with branded kitchens, wardrobes, furniture partitions and balconies.
The 2 to 3 bedroom apartments are ideal for the sharing concept. They were furnished by Miracleroom with a modern, bright design that invite you to feel good and relaxed, ideal for gathering with friends for dinner or learning.

Customer: CG Deutsche Wohnen GmbH
Year: 2016
Category: Home staging

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