Cet appartement séduit par son ambiance élégante, créée par les matériaux nobles des meubles rembourrés et des moquettes. Les accessoires de bon goût complètent l’ameublement. Les couleurs bleu et violet transmettent une chaleur agréable.

This apartment captivates by its elegant ambience, which is created by the noble materials of the upholstered furniture and the carpets. The tasteful accessories round off the furnishing and do give the final touch. The colours blue and violet convey a pleasant warmth.

This model apartment is located on a very old, historical area in Berlin Mitte, in a newly designed project, interestingly named Feuerlandhöfe.
Around 395 residential units, as well as some commercial spaces have been built with a total area of approximately 30,387 sq m of rentable space. The project has begun in January 2015 and has been completed at the end of 2016. In order to hand over a fully rented property to a German institutional investor, we have set up a beautiful model apartment here, for marketing purposes.
The name of the residential project refers to a part of the history of the neighbourhood: In the 19th century, near the royal iron foundry, in the Invalidenstraße, many metal activities developed and due the scorching fire and smouldering chimneys they gave the city district the name of “Tierra del Fuego”.

Customer: CG Immobilien GmbH
Year: 2016
Category: Home staging

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