Stadtquartier Otto-Suhr-Allee Neubau

In 2016, I have been commissioned by CG Gruppe AG with another project on art construction in Berlin Otto-Suhr-Allee.
I already had the pleasure of implementing an art project in the first phase of the construction. For this phase, I chose the famous artist Stefan Szczesny. It was immediately decided for me to go back to the same artist in this project.
I also wanted that the outdoor area should be put in value with his art works, and not only in the staircases and corridors, but also in the courtyard. Because there ware glass balconies in this project, I asked the artist to create a design with his leit-motifs.
He also designed the new lamps on the new stairwells. The under passages were decorated with a pictures in relief and one in ceramics
A beautiful composition from the rich variety of the works of artist Stefan Szczesny

Customer: Cg Gruppe AG
Year: 2017
Category: Architectural Art

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