Here the interior impresses with its classic straight lines and simplicity. Matching home accessories such as vases and lamps round off the whole concept.

This model apartment is located in Dresden-Friedrichstadt. Here is a whole neighbourhood, where peace seekers from Dresdner can find a new home. The developer, CG Gruppe AG, realized a combination of modern city flair with green oases in Cottaer Straße, named “Weißeritzgärten”. The residential complex has a total of 92 residential units, consisting of three front buildings that harmoniously blend in with the old building structures. Also two rows of house complexes and three garden sheds have been built in the green courtyard. Due to the variety of accommodations, with apartments between 35 and 70 sq m, the location is ideal for singles and couples. Young families can find an apartment between 3.5 to 5.5 room apartments, also family houses each with private garden. Miracleroom has used this tenant cross section as the basis for furnishing the model apartment.

Customer: CG Gruppe AG
Year: 2016
Category: Home staging

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