Our new fantastic and creative task from 2015 has now been expanded in 2016 by extending with a coffee bar and sweet delicacies. The bar has been extended with another 250 sq m. In the same spirit, I collaborated again with the design artist Julia Bornefeld.
We continued what we have started in 2015 and for us, it was important to create a visual connection with the vinoteque that opened a year earlier, complimenting it with a coffee bar, with the same spirit, but different in style.
In here we used again beautiful materials, with good taste and nice colours, such as burgundy and beige.
We also used Italian glass mosaic in the restroom area. We mix two colours “cafecrema” beige and pastel pink of sausages and pies. The focal point is again was the counter table made out of black granite combined with slate on the wall cabinets and on the floor. Dive into the pictures, smell the coffees and taste the delicious pies.

Customer: LeGaDi GmbH
Year: 2016
Category: Design Concept

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