CHÂTEAU9 - Winebar

A new fantastic and creative task was implemented in 2015 when 180 sq m of a commercial space was to be transformed into a wine bar. I designed this area in collaboration with the design artist Julia Bornefeld. For a long time I have had a close relationship with this artist when we created concept designs for the stairwells.
This great task of designing a wine bar with a wine shop needed only a great inspiration. It was important to create an optical connection with wine. And we found and used beautiful materials that reflect the wine in colours. We opted for natural oak which is also a material used as a wine barrel. The dark green of the wine bottles was transformed into lamps and was complemented with corresponding colours. Italian glass mosaics in the sanitary area also reflect the green colour of the wine bottles.
The focal point is the forged bronze counter combined with slate on the wall and on the floor. We designed for Ms. Bornefeld a special wine tasting table. Its uniqueness stands out and it is placed in the centre of the location

Customer: LeGaDi GmbH
Year: 2015
Category: Design Concept

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