In 2015, I was awarded with the contract for integrating a new form of art in a construction project in the LKG building of the CG Group AG. For this project, I decided to collaborate with artist Michael Fischer, located in Leipzig. Already, in the past, the artist has been connected to this location. He painted a wall on the former building, but due to the entire refurbishment and extensive renovation of the estate, this work of art had to be destroyed. Therefore it was more than clear to give the artist the opportunity to express himself in the new project. The task here, was to design the staircases and, for the first time, the inner courtyard and the facade. So I decided to use on shapes numbers for the floors, and in the newly renovated existing staircase in the corner building, a wall painting in the form of a tree of books, which extends over several floors. The same book tree theme was used in the courtyard represented by a large sculpture with complementary elements in the form of benches.

Originally, this was a centre for book delivery in the entire former Republic of Democratic of Germany. As a reminder of this époque, “the book” has been portrayed in all aspects. This project has been completed in 2016.


Customer: CG Gruppe AG
Year: 2017
Category: Architectural Art

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