Villen am Filmpark

For this apartment, we decided on a contrasting, predominantly black-and-white interior, which should give the rooms a bit of drama. Tasteful pieces of furniture underline the generosity of this flat.

Here in Babelsberg, an attractive residential complex has been built near the traditional Ufa studios and Filmpark Babelsberg. There are rental flats with between 2 to 4 room apartments, with sizes that range between from 45 to 110m² designated for singles, couples and families.

Our 3-room model apartment with 77 sq m living space with sophisticated equipment ensures an optimal living experience. The spacious and tastefully designed private park invites you to relax. The spaces provide exclusive accesses. For those who like to live in the countryside, but do not want to miss out on the advantages of the city, Babelsberg this is the right place to be.

Customer: BUWOG
Year: 2016
Category: Home staging

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