St. Tropez

Villa Tourmentin

This contemporary house has been newly built. The interior is straight- lined, harmonious and without any frills. The entire interior is coordinated, both in terms of colour and style. Subtle tones prevail like grey, brown and beige, all surfaces are made of natural materials. In order to complement the room concepts perfectly, various art focussing on “animals” was commissioned by a German artist.
The terraces are furnished in such a way that all indoor and outdoor spaces merge smoothly. The house offers a relaxed and quiet atmosphere due to the discreet coulour scheme in the design.
The pool again has been decorated with playful mosaic motifs. During the planning of the house, the design of the garden has been developed together with the owner, in order to achieve a harmonious entity and a harmonious appearance.

Customer: SCI Villa Tourmentin
Year: 2017/2018
Category: Private Interior

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