from concept to design

Process & Services

To create and design the space how we envisage it, we start with our concepts very early in the project, when the building specifications and the creative partners are getting together.
It is very important to take the decisions when colours, materials and the global concept of the entire project are gathered and diligently applied, thus offering an inspired and unique image. What distinguishes us from the rest is the possibility to choose and suggest a wide range of products from the most sophisticated to the most popular. Together with our network of crafting partners, architects, designers, artists, we integrate these materials and designs into the buildings, and manage to create a more personal and emotional image of the pursued perfection. With this credo, we transform buildings – residential or office, common spaces.
We are able to provide designing concepts that could perfectly integrate into the given spaces, with a touch of accessories and everyday objects, before the first residents or guests arrive.

Design concept

Developing and creating new spaces with various materials and colour palettes for project developments

















Art concept

Introducing and integrating art as a form of expression in the stairwells, facades common areas of all types of properties


Introducing interior set aside designing concepts in furnished apartments


















Coordinating and supervising the designing process

Home Staging

All-inclusive services around the home staging of a property
Concept designs for apartments
Concept designs for showrooms

















Interior Design

Interior design and furnishing private apartments, houses or rooms

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